Monday, November 21, 2011

Feedback on Recent Training

Dave Lockridge and Jason Culver held a training recently.  Here are some words of feedback they received when the training was complete:

~ "I have a greater understanding of how to work with [the children I serve]."
~ "I have gained a greater understanding of my role/responsibility as a teacher."
~ "Thanks for all the quality information."
~ "All the information was insightful."
~ "Thanks a lot for this very interesting presentation.  I can't think of anything to improve.  You know how to talk about a very sensitive topic with insight, respect, and humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed today."
~ "Dave, you did a great job explaining how to overcome the cycle of adverse childhood experiences.  The presentation of the material was great."
~ "I absolutely love this training.  By far the best I've ever been to.  I like the mini-ACE survey.  I plan to go home and have my family fill one out.  All the information I have received is wonderful.  I feel blessed to have been able to participate in today's training.  I also enjoyed all your jokes."
~ "The information was well organized.  The comedic overtones made a serious topic much more palatable.  The intervention strategies are practical and useful.  Great use of real life examples to demonstrate the concepts."
~ "This would be a great training for all elementary, junior high, and senior high school teachers!"

If you would like to host a training in your area, please contact Dave directly
(209-617-4688 or

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suicide Prevention

Under the larger umbrella of ACE, part of our mission is to see numbers like these decrease:

 (Click on images to view larger.)

By teaching people how to properly deal with past hurts, we pray that people will choose healthy ways to be set free from the pain of yesterday.

Partner with us today, and help make this a reality (use the Donate button on the right margin or email us using the contact tab above).

The entire health report can be viewed at this link.  It is the Health Status Report for Merced County 2010.

Jason and Melissa Culver