Saturday, June 25, 2011

Overcoming Addiction

ACE Overcomers Foundational Truths for Overcoming Addiction

1.I recognize the destructive nature of addiction to my mental, physical, spiritual well-being and the damage it brings to my family and loved ones.

2.I realize that the major factor underlying addiction is my reaction to the adverse childhood experiences of life.

3.I realize that addiction is not a brain disease, nor is it caused by chemical imbalances or genetics, it is the result of a series of decisions based on false perceptions.

4.I realize that seeking chemical relief from past abuse is futile. Using illicit drugs just will not work.

5.I realize that addiction is not due to the molecular structure of the drug, but my attempts to cope with the stress of past abuse and current self-image.

6.I realize that a right relationship with God is my only source for the power to overcome.

7.I take responsibility to overcome starting today.
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