Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Effects of Abuse Can Last a lifetime

Few children, if any, wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll live a life filled with depression and drug abuse. I think I'll beat myself up emotionally and ruin my life with alcohol and drugs. I'll fill my life with stress and problems and then pass them on to my children so their lives will be ruined too."

What Then Is the Cause?
Abuse, neglect, and living in a dysfunctional household produces pressures on children that can last a lifetime. A child cannot stand back and objectively see the physical and emotional effects an abusive parent has on them. The adversity an abused child endures can physically affect their ability to respond to stressful situations. Anger is often the response, and if not anger, then anxiety and depression are the result.

To cope with childhood stress adults often make childish choices. Smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual promiscuity, are all behaviors that can result in long-term physical and emotional problems. If not overcome, the abuse experienced as a child can result in disease, disability, social problems and early death.

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